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design sketch Radial Shaft Seals

Radial Shaft Seals

Radial shaft seals with or without metal cages and in a variety of material combinations. Classical rubber seals with spring-loaded sealing lips or without springs, PTFE seals for high resistance and low friction, combined seals with additional functionalities or increased resistance to dirt ingress, rubber or PTFE radial seals for pivoting shafts

design sketch Axial Shaft Seals

Axial Shaft Seals

V-Rings and metal reinforced axial seals serve as lip seals and as centrifugal discs or flingers, most of the times in combination with radial shaft seals

design sketch Hydraulics


All needs for seals in hydraulic applications can be covered, from piston and rod seals through wipers and guide bands to guide strips or chevron seals. Many seals have been designed for standardized housing according to various ISO norms and can replace existing solutions

design sketch Pneumatics


Pneumatic seals are used in dynamic applications and employ combined wiping/sealing elements due to the lower operating pressures in comparison with those arising in hydraulics. In connection with special materials, the use of the pneumatic seal therefore leads to the development of a high-performance sealing system with an excellent price/performance ratio.

design sketch Static Seals

Static Seals

Even though they are called static seals, these parts can be under large dynamic stresses, and their sealing functionality should not be underestimated. O-Rings, X-Rings, flange seals and sealing cords and strips are available in various sizes and materials to meet the needs of all industries, from heavy hydraulics to food & beverage

design sketch Special Seals

Special Seals

Special seals are designed to seal and to protect moving parts against dirt ingress from the outside and to keep fluids and lubricants inside

design sketch Packings0


Packings from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies for static and dynamic applications offer an excellent sealing effect and remain elastic even with continuous changes in temperature and pressure. They are also characterised by their resistance to chemicals, are flexible, have a long service life and high extrusion resistance.



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