design sketch Static Seals
design sketch Back Rings

Back Rings

Bearing components that are designed to support o-rings in their sealing function and to prevent extrusion under high pressures

design sketch Flange Seals

Flange Seals

Static seals especially designed for flange connections

design sketch O-Rings


Premium o-rings, sealing rings with circular cross section. Mainly used to seal stationary machine components against fluid and gaseous media. Under certain conditions, they can also be used as dynamic sealing components for axial, rotating and oscillating movements

design sketch Sealing Cords

Sealing Cords

Cords are used whenever large sealing contact areas cannot be effectively sealed by o-rings, for example in tunnelling machines, ship engines and hatchways.

design sketch USIT Rings

USIT Rings

Metal washers with rubber sealing beads either on the inner or the outer diamete, for static sealing for example at threaded fittings or flange connections

design sketch X-Rings


X-Rings are double-acting four-lipped seals with an almost square cross-section